Week 10- Activity- Instagram

This week in Art110 our activity was to create and post on an Instagram account. For this activity I decided to create a new Instagram account instead of using the one I already have. Creating an Instagram account is a very easy process and only takes about 2 minutes or less. The name I chose for my account is: dorothyroseart110. Very simple and straight forward name. I then proceeded to set up my Instagram account and prepare to post on it during class time.

The posts I did were of my time during and around Art110 class on that Thursday. My first post was of my walk to class, where I decided to stop off in the Japanese Garden so that I could take a beautiful picture for Instagram. The next photo I posted (my favorite post that I did) was of my outfit from the day. I was wearing my favorite leggings that I have, my Lord of The Rings leggings. The third post is of my class books that I was carrying that day. Finally the last post was of Helen Cox’s artwork, the artist I interviewed that day during Art110 class. Instagram gives us the ability to document our day and do so in a way that can be artistic and fun. This is was I tried to do with the Instagram account I created for Art110. I tried to make each photo pleasing to the eye and also have it be very representative of my day.

Also it is important to note that each of these photo had to be tagged with #art110s16. This was so that all of the posts that each classmate did would collect together under the tag #art110s16. So during the time that I was posting my posts on Instagram I also took the time to look under the tag of #art110s16 to see what other classmates were posting and to like their posts. This was really cool to have a community online during class time to connect to classmates in.

This activity was really fun and interactive. It gave our class the ability to be apart of two communities, one online and one offline. It was interesting to see what it was like to really use Instagram in real time. This is not something I tend to do. The photos I post on my really Instagram are usually a day old when I post them. Seeing what it was like to actively use Instagram, like you would Twitter was really cool.


Week 10- Classmate Conversation- Natalie Guevara


This week in Art110 class I had a wonderful conversation with a girl named Natalie Guevara. Natalie is from Southgate LA. She has lived in California her whole life and she loves it here. She moved to Long Beach for college. Right now Natalie lives in the dorms at hillside. She decided to dorm for a second year so that she could be closer to campus and her friends.

Natalie is a 2nd year at Cal State Long Beach. She is really enjoying her time at CSULB and plans to finish her college career here. Right now, Natalie is studying criminal justice. The reason she is following this path is because she wants to help our community and keep people safe. Natalie also really enjoys math and science, which she gets to use within her major.

Natalie loves to hangout with her friends and go to the movies. If she is not studying, Natalie likes to draw or read. She loves having the medium of art to express herself through.

The one thing that Natalie misses while at college is her family. Since they are not that far away she has the ability to visit them when she wants but she still misses them a lot. Natalie has an older and a younger sister. They sometimes get on her nerves but she loves them anyways.

It was very enjoyable to talk with Natalie and I wish her the best with her future at Cal State Long Beach.

Week 10- Artist Conversation- Helen Cox

Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Oil paint, pastel, Water-based materials: crayons and color pencils

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: www.helenwernercox.com

Instagram: no Instagram

This week in Art110 I got to see the work of an artists by the name of Helen Werner Cox. Helen was born just outside of New York in the country. She lived there until she moved to California in her later years. Helen is a graduate student of Cal State Long Beach and is studying in the drawing and painting program. Helen likes to read and do puzzles when she is not working on art. When asked, Helen says that her artwork focuses around the idea of society being trapped in the same circle. She believes that we are constantly going around like a carousel, never changing and making the same mistakes as we did before.

When viewing Helen’s artwork you can see her consistent use of painting and drawing as the medium for her pieces. She uses a lot of color within her pieces. She seems to use every color of the rainbow. These colors give off a lively feel to her pieces. The lines used within her pieces are geometric as well as organic. The organic lines applying to the animals used in her piece and the geometric lines applying to the background behind the animals. The lines and colors used in her artwork make it so the viewer feels like the art piece is “moving” and active. The way in which her shapes are formed give off a clean feeling rather than a staccato. The main shapes used throughout her artwork are carousels and horses. These shapes replicate reality and contain only a little distortion, if any.

Looking at the title of Helen’s exhibit (Silent Screams) you can really read into the commentary she is trying to make on society. Silent Screams evokes the idea that something it happening to us that we can not break free of or even address fully. When representing this with a carousel Helen gives her audience the ability to meditate on the idea that our society is not progressing. Rather we are just continuously going in a circle and that no advancements are being made. This is a very bleak way to look at society but I can definitely identity with this belief. This circle is mainly tied to human emotion. We constantly have the same emotional problems in our society and we do nothing to move to a higher state. Instead we surround ourselves with things that dig our emotional hole deeper and give us bad crutches to lean on. The reason for why Helen uses the form of a horse on her carousels is because the horse is a very strong creature. This fact is possibly a commentary on how humanity has the ability to break free and yet still we continue in this circle. This gives off a feeling of frustration and this feeling is definitely evoked throughout her art pieces.

I loved viewing Helen’s artwork. Her commentary on society was very eye opening and gave her audiences the ability to really meditate on a issue that is important. I love when exhibits put lights on a problem in society that we need to recognize. I definitely recognize this problem and share Helen’s frustration. I wish her the best with her future in art and hope to see an exhibit of hers again! (:



Week 9- Classmate Conversation- Dominique Gomez


In Art110 class on this past Thursday I had a wonderful conversation with a girl named Dominique Gomez. Dominique has lived in Southern California her whole life. Right now she lives with her family in Garden Grove, CA. Every school day she has to commute to from Garden Grove. She has two siblings, one bother and one sister, both are younger then her. She loves them very much even though sometimes they can get on her nerves. She also has a cat.

Dominique is a second semester Freshman at CSULB. She has been really enjoying CSULB so far and plans to stay here for her entire college career. Right now she is a biology major. She is studying biology because she wants to become a veterinarian after she graduates from college. She would specifically love to be a vet for wildlife animals. Dominique has loved animals her entire life and she feels like wildlife animals need to be better taken care of then they are right now. She wants to help further this.

For her hobbies Dominique loved to play soccer, hike, adventure, watch movies and draw. She played soccer her entire high school career but has not continue to be apart of a team while at college, even though she still loves to play the sport. One day Dominique hope to be able to travel the world and go on many different adventures. Whenever she has free time Dominique will watch movies, even though she doesn’t have a favorite movie, Dominique’s favorite genre is action movies.

Dominique was a pleasure to talk to and I wish her the best with her future at CSULB.

Week 9- Artist Conversation-Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Artist: Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Exhibition: All Work All Play

Media: Metals

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werbt Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

This week in Art110 I got the pleasure of viewing the beautiful artwork of Joy. Joy is from LA and has lived in Southern California her entire life. She is currently enrolled at CSULB and studying in the metal art program. She has been attending CSULB for 5 years now. Joy is currently 23 years old. She has two brothers who are older than her, 29 and 31. Joy says that she loves experimenting with her art and does not keep one concept when doing so. She has loved to work with art this way since she was very young. In her downtime if she is not creating an art piece Joy likes to hang out with her boyfriend and play video games or experiment with new foods.

Walking around Joy’s gallery I got to see all of her beautiful art pieces. Her main medium that she creates all her pieces out of is metal. The shapes she uses throughout her artwork are very organic. The colors used within her artwork are silvers, brass, black and white. All very solid strong colors. Her pieces look smooth to the touch and very inviting to the eye. They give off a calm feeling and a very straight forward look. There is not a lot of complexity within the piece and that gives the piece a quiet beauty. A lot of her art pieces seem to be able to have a function. For example she creates a lot of jewelry pieces, such as necklaces and also a finger brace. Joy actually relayed to me that her favorite piece in her collection was the finger brace.

The title of the exhibition All Work All Play definitely is evoked through her pieces. Joy said that she does not go along one common theme and that is shown throughout her art work. Each piece has a very strong individuality in regards to the next. All her pieces seem very playful. As if she has the idea of just having fun when she decided to create them. I love seeing artwork made this way because it I feel however the artist felt while creating an art piece is felt by the viewer when they see it. So with Joy’s artwork the viewer can feel the “fun” she had and gets to enjoy it second hand.

Walking through Joy’s gallery was very happy and enjoyable. Each of her art pieces where very different from each other but also very straight forward. When talking with Joy you can see that all she wants is to have fun with her art and create pieces that evoke the same feeling in her audience. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors and hope to see more of her artwork.

Rose Nails


For this week in Art110 class we got assigned to do a project called Moonbase Alpha. We were told to create a character that resides in Moonbase Alpha. The year is 2046 and the Moonbase Alpha I created is located on a different planet. There are a lot of different creatures on this planet, many that we would think of as aliens if we met them right now. It is very advanced technology wise. For example everyone who lives on the planet Moonbase Alpha has moon boots that allow them to fly. The architecture of Moonbase Alpha is big futuristic black and blue buildings. There are hover crafts that clutter the sky and are the planet’s main use of transportation.

Since everything is so advanced at Moonbase Alpha the security system needs to be very advanced. That is where my character comes in, Rose Nails. Rose Nails is a 21 year old spy who works with CIA of Moonbase Alpha. She is very smart and has been extremely driven from a young age. When she was 15 years old she started to get involved with fighting crime. At age 18 she was inducted into Moonbase Alpha’s CIA. Making her the youngest member the CIA has ever had.

Rose is a very introverted person with not many friends. She likes to keep to herself and has a very intense personality. This isolation is due to the fact that she lost her parents at a young age when they were taken from her by aliens of another planet. She has been very wary of the other citizens of Moonbase Alpha every since that day. This is because those aliens who took her parents where in cahoots with the criminals of Moonbase Alpha. Her main reason for joining the CIA was to find out who took her parents and bring them to justice.

This mission has always been one that she has pursued on her own. Recently though she has met another Moonbase Alpha resident, named Tank. Tank is a street rat who Rose ran into on her way to work when she caught him stealing. After she apprehended him, they had a brief conversation wherein she realized that arresting him would benefit her less than using him to help further her plan to infiltrate the underground crime system. Who knows where this adventure will take Tank and Rose next….

A few of the criminals that Rose Nails has already apprehended are, Creepsteevo Swankavitch. She apprehended him in 2040 for stalking a girl after meeting her at a Cafe. This is his page: https://art110shanmc.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/creepsteevo-swankavitch/Also Rose Nails apprehended a dog named Charlay for disturbing the peace at a park by drinking too much. This is Charlay’s page: https://huntermervosh.wordpress.com/2016/03/19/charlay/ .  Another one of the criminals that Rose Nail has apprehended is Santoori. Santoori was actual one of Rose Nail’s biggest busts because he is the boss of a mafia family called “la kosbaz”. There family is one of the most powerful families on Moonbase Alpha so it is no wonder that Rose is very proud of the achievement of putting him in handcuffs.  Santoori’s page is: https://ryart2016.wordpress.com/2016/03/19/santoori/ .

Week 8- Activity-Automatic Drawing



For this week in Art110 class we got assigned the activity of automatic drawing. Automatic drawing is a way for incorporate your subconscious and randomness into drawing. The first step of doing this was choosing a partner. I decided to do this with my roommate because it was the most convenient. Also I thought it would be interesting because we are just getting to know each other.

First we had to decide where to sit, so we decided to go to the living room floor. I placed a piece of paper on cardboard in between us and put some music on. I decided to put music on so that it would ease any weirdness. Specifically I put on Brett Dennen because he is my favorite artists and plays very light hearted music.

Then we both sat there and giggled for awhile. Then after we calmed down we closed our eyes and started to let our hands move. It was very interesting to feel no tension or pull between us to separate parts of the paper. We moved together in an unknown path. It was really fun and felt as if it flowed. After we had done this for awhile we decided to open our eyes and looked at the paper. The result definitely did not look like anything in particular but it was still really cool the way that we created it. Even though the finished art piece did not look like anything it did definitely looked like it flowed. I have attached an image of the finished product to the top of this blog post.

It is interesting to be able to connect with someone on a whole new level with art. Create something together and really feel like neither of you is “leading”.

Week 8- Artist Conversation- Bri Lynch

Artist: Bri Lynch

Exhibition: Merge

Media: Screen Printing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: N/A

Instagram: bri.joy 

Today in Art110 class I got to see the artwork of artist Brianna Lynch. Brianna is an undergraduate student at CSULB. Before Bri went to CSULB she attended Orange Coast College. At CSULB she is an art student pursuing her BFA. She hopes to graduate with her BFA this upcoming year. Bri grew up in a small town so moving to a big city like Long Beach was a big change for her. Brianna has always loved art and many aspects of her life influence her artwork.

When viewing Brianna’s art you can see that it is primarily done in the medium of screen printing, done on a computer. Her pieces are very abstract and hard to pin point as to what the underlying meaning to them is. The main colors used throughout her art is black and white. Brianna says that the reason for why she uses these colors is because she believe they make a stronger message. Her art is made up of many lines, either straight or curved. It gives off the feeling of staccato. Also a very “rough” feeling is given off through her art, even though to the touch the art piece is not rough but smooth.

The title of Bri’s exhibition gives off a lot about the artwork. The title is “merge”. Her artwork looks like a merge of sharp and soft. When talking with Brianna she explains that she wanted to combine the worlds of organic and digital art. Two type of art that are very different from each other. I believe Bri did this beautifully though her art pieces. The reason for why she wants to combine these two art types is because she believes that it is representative of her life and the way she has merged where she grew up with where she is now. She puts a lot of time and effort into creating each piece and you can see that just by looking at her art.

It was very enjoyable to talk with Brianna and come to an understanding about what her art meant. At first glance I did not understand her art and was very confused as to how I was suppose to feel. Yet after talking with Brianna and hearing about her life I started to understand the context of her pieces. I believe a lot of people can relate to this idea of merging that she brings across in her art pieces. Overall Brianna’s art was very fun to learn about and I wish her the best with her future in the art world.





Week 8- Conversation – Symone Pallett


Today in Art110 class I had a lovely conversation with a girl named Symone Pallett. Symone is 19 years old and a freshman at Cal State Long Beach. So far Symone has really enjoyed her time at CSULB. She loves being in college and having freedoms she didn’t have when she was in High School.

Right now Symone is studying speech and language pathology. She became interested in this subject through her mother. Her mom is a speech and language pathologist assistant. Symone really loves to help people and hopes to use her degree to help many people with their speech impediments.

Symone grew up in California and has lived here her whole life. Right now Symone lives in Buena Park with her parents. She commutes to school from home. This isn’t that difficult for her since she only lives about 20 minutes away.

She has a job at a mental health clinic as a receptionist. She says that it can be exciting at times. She is happy to have the job though because it is definitely helping her further her career in the medical field.

In her spare time she loves to read, hang out with her friend, and travel. Symone really enjoys going to new places whether they are local or global. Every month her and her friends try to go to somewhere they have never been before.

Symone was really enjoyable to talk to and I wish her the best with her future at CSULB.


Week 7- Activity- Group Video Activity

This week in Art110 we got an assignment to create a video and upload it to Vimeo or YouTube. We first had to form a group with 2 – 5 other people. Then we got to choose a topic within the categories of relationships, music/performance and real life problems. The category that my group chose was music/performance. We decided to do a music video.

This activity was really fun to organize because we got to choose a song that we all liked. Then we came up with an idea for a script that would go along with the music. We wanted to do something fun but also creative.