Week15-Artist Conversation-Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young
Exhibition: As the Crow Flies
Media: Printmaking, ink,  lithography, reliefs, wood, sketching. sand,  metal
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery
Instagram: N/A Website: N/A

This week in Art110 I got to see the artwork of Nancy Young. Nancy is a senior at CSULB and will be graduating this semester with a BFA in printmaking. Printmaking has become a huge passion for Nancy and has helped her overcome substance abuse and depression. She loves having a medium that she can express her feelings through in a healthy way. She is not in this business for the money and just wants to do art because it brings her joy. Right now Nancy works as a programmer in Orange County.

The exhibition we saw this week of Nancy’s was named “As the Crow Flies”. When viewing her artwork you can see a consistent use of dark and neutral colors. This color choice, I believe makes her pieces even more powerful. The shapes used throughout her pieces are mainly organic shapes. She incorporates nature into her pieces. Also the main shape used throughout her pieces is a crow. Also on the floor in her exhibition there was a star made out of sand but sadly this was messed up by an oblivious student. Each of her pieces have different textures throughout them and either have a feeling of flowing or staccato.

The reason behind the naming of this exhibition is because Nancy wanting to bring across the feeling of being able to fly above the hardships of life. She chose to use a crow as the main symbol for this because it is a harsh bird but still is able to fly. Representing the hardships of life but how important it is to still learn from them and let the hardships make you fly. Nancy has been through hard times in her life and she is so grateful to art for giving her a second chance.

Overall my experience with talking and viewing Nancy Young’s artwork was very enjoyable. It was interesting to hear about her life experiences that affected her into creating this art work. I love hearing when people are able to find joy in art when they are struggling. Art is so powerful and has the beautiful ability to affect people’s lives for the better. Nancy sharing this with the world is amazing and I am happy to have seen it. I hope to see more of her artwork in the future.





Week15-Conversation-Jaz Tabar


This week in Art110 I had a conversation with a girl named Jaz Tabar. Jaz is a freshman at CSULB. She moved to Long Beach for college from San Diego. Since she is a first year she has been living in the dorms this past year. She has really enjoyed her time at Cal State Long Beach so far and is excited to come back in the fall for her sophomore year. Right now Jaz is studying sociology as her major. Also she hopes to add film as a minor. Jaz is very passionate about social justice issues and wants to bring them to the attention of the public through the medium of film. In her free time Jaz enjoys listening to music and discovering new bands. She also loves going to concerts and sometimes like to attend raves. An interesting fact about Jaz is that she is apart of Alpha Pi Omega, which is a co-ed community service fraternity and she really loves it.

Week14-Activity-Sketching in the Garden

For Art110 this week we got assigned to do an activity called, “Sketching in the Garden”. For this activity we went to the Japanese Gardens on campus at CSULB and sat there to draw 6 different drawings. 3 of the drawings had to be realistic and the other 3 had to be abstract. Also along with this drawing activity we had to include 6 pictures along the same guidelines, 3 abstract and 3 realistic.

Going into this activity I was excited because even though I am not very good at drawing I love being in nature. Getting to yet again go to the Japanese Gardens and experience the beauty within seemed like it was going to be relaxing and fun. Of all the things that I have the opportunity to draw I think that nature is my favorite. Even though I do not find myself to be an exceptionally good drawer, it’s still a fun process and I love trying to depict nature through pen and paper.


When arriving at the garden I decided to sit down near the water because it is my favorite part of the garden. As I sat I started to think of what I would like to draw. The first thing that caught my eye was the animals. So I decided to try and depict a fish and a bird as well as I could. These drawings were a little rushed though because I knew I had to complete 4 more drawings. It was really fun to sit and look through the garden while deciding what to draw. It created a peaceful and calm atmosphere. The final realistic drawing that I did was of the entire pool. I decided to draw this because, again it is my favorite part of the garden.

When I moved on the abstract drawings it was harder for me to decide what to draw. I have never really been an abstract drawer though through this process I realized I like this drawing style a lot. The first object that caught my eye for these drawings was the tree I was sitting next to. The reason that this caught my eye was because when I looked at it I thought of the energy that it has flowing through each of its branches. I tried to express this energy through my drawing. After completing this drawing, my mind was encapsulated with the idea of energy so as I looked around the garden I started to see everything in regards to this. Then as I was looking around I saw  a ripple happen in the water because a stone was tossed in. This immediately got me inspired to do an abstract drawing about the energy that produced that ripple. My final abstract drawing was of a bird that flew by the garden. Again with this drawing I tried to represent the energy flow of the bird through my lines.


The next part of this assignment was to take 6 pictures. The first three pictures were easy to take because they just had to be realistic. I took them of what I had already been drawing. One of the pool in front of me, another of the tree standing next to me and the third picture was of a red fish. The abstract pictures took me awhile to take because I wasn’t sure at first how to take them. After thinking for awhile, I came up with the idea that I really wanted to be up close to the objects I captured, to see if I could reveal their texture through the photos. The three photos I took were up close pictures of a rock, some moss and a fish’s scales. My favorite of these three (and of all the photos I took) was the up close picture of the fish’s scales. I definitely think that I was able to capture its texture through the photograph.

Overall this assignment was actually really fun to participate in. I loved being able to be in nature and I really enjoyed the abstract work that we did. I definitely enjoy taking abstract pictures and drawing abstractly more than realistically.