Week13-Conversation-Tareena Woods


This week in Art110 class I had a conversation with a girl named Tareena Woods. Tareena is a freshman at CSULB. At the moment she is studying film at CSULB. She wants to become a producer or an editor in film.

Tareena lives in Buena Park with her dad and her uncle. She commutes to school and its about a 20 minute drive. She has a dog named Dexter and he is turning 2 years old this summer.

In Tareena’s free time she likes to hang out with her friends and family. Also she lives to go to the beach, watch Netflix, listen to music, read, do community service and also try new foods. Tareena’s favorite foods are tacos, ice cream, KBBQ and acai bowls.

Tareena loves art but doesn’t feel that she is very good at it. She loves being in Art110 and is sad that the course will be ending so soon.

It was lovely to talk with Tareena and I wish her the best in her future at CSULB.


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