Week13-Artist Conversation-Ihab Ali

Artist: Ihab Ali

Exhibition: Eyewitness

Media: Dry wall, Car, Sheets

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: @ihabali

This week in Art110 class I got to see the art of Ihab Ali. Ihab is originally from Damascus. He moved to America when he was 14 years old. Ihab is a student a CSULB and he is planning on graduating this semester. He studies art at CSULB and will be gradating with a BFA. The art show he put on for us this week is apart of his senior show. The biggest influence on Ihab’s art is his memories from Syria.

This art show was different then any other I have seen. It made a very strong impression because of that. A few of the materials that went into creating it are dry wall, burlap, sheets, and a car. Lighting also was a big factor with this art exhibit. The light and material evoked a dark and mysterious feeling in the viewer. It made a very big impact on me when I walked through it.

When speaking with Ihab he relayed the important of his time in Syria. He wanted to show the poverty and destruction that can be found there. I definitely felt this strongly when I walked through his exhibit. It was a very powerful experience to hear Ihab speak about this and then to walk through his exhibit. The design of the art exhibit and reasoning behind it was beautiful.

Overall Ihab’s exhibit was very powerful and meaningful to me. I feel especially with all that is happening in the Middle East right now. It is important to understand what people are going through. The way in which Ihab displayed this was in a very dark way but it really made it so the impact lasted. It was really inspiring to see the strong emotional effect that the design of an art exhibit can have on the viewer. I hope to see more of Ihab’s art in the future! (:



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