Week13-Activity-Care Package


For this week in Art110 class we got assigned to do an activity called care package. We put our names in a hat and also drew someone’s name out. The person’s name I got was Peter Bay.

In my package I sent a carrot pencil holder, a colorful pencil and a GameStop wrist band. This was an interesting activity because usually people send “gifts” to people electronically now instead of actually making a physical gift to send to them. Though I do not know this person at all so it is a bit odd to send a gift to someone I do not know. I have no personal connection to them or have any idea what they like. Usually gifts are personal and have meaning behind them but for this assignment it was just to a random person. I think it would be cool if instead of just having a random person we could instead be asked to send gifts to someone who we think is really important in our life. Though it is cool to share this with classmates.

Overall this activity was an interesting idea but I don’t completely understand the point behind it. It did make me think that I should send more personally made gifts to the people I love though.


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