Week12-Classmate Conversation-Alanna Godinez

IMG_1103 (1)

This week in Art110 class I had a wonderful conversation with a girl named Alanna Godinez. Alanna is a 19 year old Freshman at CSULB. She actually just turned 19 this past Monday. So Happy Belated Birthday Alanna! Alanna is enjoying her time at Cal State so far and is looking forward to her future at the university.

Alanna is from Nowalk, California. She has lived in California her entire life. Currently she lives at home with her parents and commutes to CSULB. Right now she is studying Psychology at CSULB and is looking into possible becoming a therapist. She has always really enjoyed helping people and she wishes to do this in her career. Alanna enjoys talking to people and helping them feel better when they are venting. She feels that she is very in-touch with emotions and is a great help to her friends when they are having problems so why not share that skill with the world!

Alanna grew up with 3 brothers and no sisters. She has always really wanted a sister but still feel incredibly blessed with the siblings she already has. Her brothers have helped her have a tough outer skin. Alanna’s family owns 6 cats and no dogs.

An interesting fact about Alanna is that she loves pizza and mac-n-cheese. (:

It was really nice to meet Alanna and I wish her the best with her future at CSULB.

If you’d like to learn more about Alanna this is her wordpress page: Alanna Godinez 


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