Geocache’s we tried to find:

The geocache we set up:

For our activity this week in Art110 we were assigned to go geocaching. Not only did we need to go find a geocache but we also had to create one on our own. I have done this before with my family so going into this activity I though it was going to be easy for me. My family use to go geocaching together a lot when I was in high school and younger. Geocaching is a really fun activity and makes you feel like you are going on a treasure hunt. Also usually geocaching involves going on a hike and I love hiking so this Art110 activity seemed to be an awesome choice.

One of my classmates, Shannon and I decided to do this activity together. First we decided to tackle the task of finding a geocache. After we were done with our conversations during Thursday class we  looked up geocaches around us and found a lot. I was surprised to see how many geocaches there are hidden around my campus. On Thursday we went looking for a total of two geocaches. This venture turned out to be unsuccessful. The first geocache we went looking for was called Immortal. The GPS coordinates for this cache that landed it right outside one of the film buildings on campus. The hint for this geocache was “slow and steady wins the race”. It was very easy to locate where the GPS said that the geocache was but then when we went looking around the area for the cache we could not find anything. Also nothing stuck out to us that connected to the hint for the cache. This was frustrating to look so long and not be able to find anything so we decided to go look for another geocache. This next geocache was called “State Rights Vs. Federal Authority” The GPS location brought us to a point on the wall that separates CSULB from the veterans hospital next door. The hint for this cache was “wall”. This hint obviously led us to believe that the cache was hidden in or near the wall. So we decided to go up to the wall and look carefully along it. Sadly, this ended with no success in finding the cache. This was very aggravating to have looked for two caches and to have found none so we decided to give up for the day and try again on Friday. The next day (Friday) we met up and decided to go find a geocache near my house. This geocache was .2 miles away from my house and was called “Just Hanging Out”. The hint for this cache was “wol”, which to be honest we did not completely understand. We went to the GPS coordinated for the cache and ended up on a bridge that overlooked a river that feeds into the pacific. For this cache there was a very laid out description of where the cache was and details on how to find it. We followed all these instructions, read all the details and yet still we could not find it. The clues given to us seemed to point to the cache being hung on the fence that rain along the bridge but we looked up and down the fence and could not find anything. To say the least we were aggravated. To have looked for 3 different caches and to not find a single one was very frustrating. So we decided to move on setting up our own cache.

Again Shannon and I did this activity together. We brought a Altoid’s case and filled it with little trinkets. These included an eraser, a ring, a flower and a braided colorful string. We went below a bridge to place this cache and decided to put it in a drain hole on the side of a concrete river bed. We then found out the coordinates for the cache and recorded them. They were: Latitude: 33’47.329’N   Longitude -118’06.221’W . This was really fun to get to place a cache with cute little trinkets in it. It would be awesome to actually add it to a the online geocaching system but Shannon and I did not know how to do that. If I was to decide on a hint for this cache it would be “Altoid” ;p . We hope one of our classmates goes and tried to find our cache! It is really cute and we promise that they will definitely find it.

Overall this activity was a little stressful because each geocache we went looking for we could not find. I use to love geocaching with my family but we always ended up actually finding the cache, making the experience truly fulfilling. To be constantly looking for a cache and not be able to find it is just a bit aggravating and makes the experience not as fun as it should be. After searching for these caches and not finding a single one I wonder if  the cache has been moved by a person who did not know it was a geocache, since that is something that can happen to geocaches. Muggles can find them and destroy the game. The placing of our geocache was really fun though and it made me want to create more geocaches for people to find. Possible go on hikes and hide caches for people to go find. (:


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