Week 10- Activity- Instagram

This week in Art110 our activity was to create and post on an Instagram account. For this activity I decided to create a new Instagram account instead of using the one I already have. Creating an Instagram account is a very easy process and only takes about 2 minutes or less. The name I chose for my account is: dorothyroseart110. Very simple and straight forward name. I then proceeded to set up my Instagram account and prepare to post on it during class time.

The posts I did were of my time during and around Art110 class on that Thursday. My first post was of my walk to class, where I decided to stop off in the Japanese Garden so that I could take a beautiful picture for Instagram. The next photo I posted (my favorite post that I did) was of my outfit from the day. I was wearing my favorite leggings that I have, my Lord of The Rings leggings. The third post is of my class books that I was carrying that day. Finally the last post was of Helen Cox’s artwork, the artist I interviewed that day during Art110 class. Instagram gives us the ability to document our day and do so in a way that can be artistic and fun. This is was I tried to do with the Instagram account I created for Art110. I tried to make each photo pleasing to the eye and also have it be very representative of my day.

Also it is important to note that each of these photo had to be tagged with #art110s16. This was so that all of the posts that each classmate did would collect together under the tag #art110s16. So during the time that I was posting my posts on Instagram I also took the time to look under the tag of #art110s16 to see what other classmates were posting and to like their posts. This was really cool to have a community online during class time to connect to classmates in.

This activity was really fun and interactive. It gave our class the ability to be apart of two communities, one online and one offline. It was interesting to see what it was like to really use Instagram in real time. This is not something I tend to do. The photos I post on my really Instagram are usually a day old when I post them. Seeing what it was like to actively use Instagram, like you would Twitter was really cool.


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