Week 9- Classmate Conversation- Dominique Gomez


In Art110 class on this past Thursday I had a wonderful conversation with a girl named Dominique Gomez. Dominique has lived in Southern California her whole life. Right now she lives with her family in Garden Grove, CA. Every school day she has to commute to from Garden Grove. She has two siblings, one bother and one sister, both are younger then her. She loves them very much even though sometimes they can get on her nerves. She also has a cat.

Dominique is a second semester Freshman at CSULB. She has been really enjoying CSULB so far and plans to stay here for her entire college career. Right now she is a biology major. She is studying biology because she wants to become a veterinarian after she graduates from college. She would specifically love to be a vet for wildlife animals. Dominique has loved animals her entire life and she feels like wildlife animals need to be better taken care of then they are right now. She wants to help further this.

For her hobbies Dominique loved to play soccer, hike, adventure, watch movies and draw. She played soccer her entire high school career but has not continue to be apart of a team while at college, even though she still loves to play the sport. One day Dominique hope to be able to travel the world and go on many different adventures. Whenever she has free time Dominique will watch movies, even though she doesn’t have a favorite movie, Dominique’s favorite genre is action movies.

Dominique was a pleasure to talk to and I wish her the best with her future at CSULB.


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