Rose Nails


For this week in Art110 class we got assigned to do a project called Moonbase Alpha. We were told to create a character that resides in Moonbase Alpha. The year is 2046 and the Moonbase Alpha I created is located on a different planet. There are a lot of different creatures on this planet, many that we would think of as aliens if we met them right now. It is very advanced technology wise. For example everyone who lives on the planet Moonbase Alpha has moon boots that allow them to fly. The architecture of Moonbase Alpha is big futuristic black and blue buildings. There are hover crafts that clutter the sky and are the planet’s main use of transportation.

Since everything is so advanced at Moonbase Alpha the security system needs to be very advanced. That is where my character comes in, Rose Nails. Rose Nails is a 21 year old spy who works with CIA of Moonbase Alpha. She is very smart and has been extremely driven from a young age. When she was 15 years old she started to get involved with fighting crime. At age 18 she was inducted into Moonbase Alpha’s CIA. Making her the youngest member the CIA has ever had.

Rose is a very introverted person with not many friends. She likes to keep to herself and has a very intense personality. This isolation is due to the fact that she lost her parents at a young age when they were taken from her by aliens of another planet. She has been very wary of the other citizens of Moonbase Alpha every since that day. This is because those aliens who took her parents where in cahoots with the criminals of Moonbase Alpha. Her main reason for joining the CIA was to find out who took her parents and bring them to justice.

This mission has always been one that she has pursued on her own. Recently though she has met another Moonbase Alpha resident, named Tank. Tank is a street rat who Rose ran into on her way to work when she caught him stealing. After she apprehended him, they had a brief conversation wherein she realized that arresting him would benefit her less than using him to help further her plan to infiltrate the underground crime system. Who knows where this adventure will take Tank and Rose next….

A few of the criminals that Rose Nails has already apprehended are, Creepsteevo Swankavitch. She apprehended him in 2040 for stalking a girl after meeting her at a Cafe. This is his page: Rose Nails apprehended a dog named Charlay for disturbing the peace at a park by drinking too much. This is Charlay’s page: .  Another one of the criminals that Rose Nail has apprehended is Santoori. Santoori was actual one of Rose Nail’s biggest busts because he is the boss of a mafia family called “la kosbaz”. There family is one of the most powerful families on Moonbase Alpha so it is no wonder that Rose is very proud of the achievement of putting him in handcuffs.  Santoori’s page is: .


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