Week 8- Conversation – Symone Pallett


Today in Art110 class I had a lovely conversation with a girl named Symone Pallett. Symone is 19 years old and a freshman at Cal State Long Beach. So far Symone has really enjoyed her time at CSULB. She loves being in college and having freedoms she didn’t have when she was in High School.

Right now Symone is studying speech and language pathology. She became interested in this subject through her mother. Her mom is a speech and language pathologist assistant. Symone really loves to help people and hopes to use her degree to help many people with their speech impediments.

Symone grew up in California and has lived here her whole life. Right now Symone lives in Buena Park with her parents. She commutes to school from home. This isn’t that difficult for her since she only lives about 20 minutes away.

She has a job at a mental health clinic as a receptionist. She says that it can be exciting at times. She is happy to have the job though because it is definitely helping her further her career in the medical field.

In her spare time she loves to read, hang out with her friend, and travel. Symone really enjoys going to new places whether they are local or global. Every month her and her friends try to go to somewhere they have never been before.

Symone was really enjoyable to talk to and I wish her the best with her future at CSULB.



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