Week 8- Artist Conversation- Bri Lynch

Artist: Bri Lynch

Exhibition: Merge

Media: Screen Printing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: N/A

Instagram: bri.joy 

Today in Art110 class I got to see the artwork of artist Brianna Lynch. Brianna is an undergraduate student at CSULB. Before Bri went to CSULB she attended Orange Coast College. At CSULB she is an art student pursuing her BFA. She hopes to graduate with her BFA this upcoming year. Bri grew up in a small town so moving to a big city like Long Beach was a big change for her. Brianna has always loved art and many aspects of her life influence her artwork.

When viewing Brianna’s art you can see that it is primarily done in the medium of screen printing, done on a computer. Her pieces are very abstract and hard to pin point as to what the underlying meaning to them is. The main colors used throughout her art is black and white. Brianna says that the reason for why she uses these colors is because she believe they make a stronger message. Her art is made up of many lines, either straight or curved. It gives off the feeling of staccato. Also a very “rough” feeling is given off through her art, even though to the touch the art piece is not rough but smooth.

The title of Bri’s exhibition gives off a lot about the artwork. The title is “merge”. Her artwork looks like a merge of sharp and soft. When talking with Brianna she explains that she wanted to combine the worlds of organic and digital art. Two type of art that are very different from each other. I believe Bri did this beautifully though her art pieces. The reason for why she wants to combine these two art types is because she believes that it is representative of her life and the way she has merged where she grew up with where she is now. She puts a lot of time and effort into creating each piece and you can see that just by looking at her art.

It was very enjoyable to talk with Brianna and come to an understanding about what her art meant. At first glance I did not understand her art and was very confused as to how I was suppose to feel. Yet after talking with Brianna and hearing about her life I started to understand the context of her pieces. I believe a lot of people can relate to this idea of merging that she brings across in her art pieces. Overall Brianna’s art was very fun to learn about and I wish her the best with her future in the art world.






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