Week 8- Activity-Automatic Drawing



For this week in Art110 class we got assigned the activity of automatic drawing. Automatic drawing is a way for incorporate your subconscious and randomness into drawing. The first step of doing this was choosing a partner. I decided to do this with my roommate because it was the most convenient. Also I thought it would be interesting because we are just getting to know each other.

First we had to decide where to sit, so we decided to go to the living room floor. I placed a piece of paper on cardboard in between us and put some music on. I decided to put music on so that it would ease any weirdness. Specifically I put on Brett Dennen because he is my favorite artists and plays very light hearted music.

Then we both sat there and giggled for awhile. Then after we calmed down we closed our eyes and started to let our hands move. It was very interesting to feel no tension or pull between us to separate parts of the paper. We moved together in an unknown path. It was really fun and felt as if it flowed. After we had done this for awhile we decided to open our eyes and looked at the paper. The result definitely did not look like anything in particular but it was still really cool the way that we created it. Even though the finished art piece did not look like anything it did definitely looked like it flowed. I have attached an image of the finished product to the top of this blog post.

It is interesting to be able to connect with someone on a whole new level with art. Create something together and really feel like neither of you is “leading”.


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