Week 7- Conversation-Kyle Shishido

This week in Art110 for classmate conversations I had a conversation with Kyle Shishido. Kyle Sishido is 18 years old and is a freshman at Cal State Long Beach. Kyle really likes Cal State Long Beach so far and has decided to study film here. At first Kyle was studying biology but then after going to a class that explained what he would be doing in the field he decided against it. Kyle’s roommate got him into film. Since last semester Kyle has switched over to film and had decided that he wants to go into studying digital arts, 3D models.

Kyle is from Torrance California. He has lived in California his whole life. Kyle’s family has lived in Torrance since he was a baby. Kyle misses his family a lot while away at school so he goes home every weekend to see them. Kyle has a very close relationship with his family and he loved being around them. He has 2 other siblings, both older than him. He has a 19 year old brother and a 22 year old sister. An interesting fact about Kyle and his siblings is that they all do not know how to drive because their parents never taught them.

In his down time Kyle loves to run. He does long distance running and has been for a very long time. Kyle also loves watching movies and playing video games. Kyle’s favorite video game is Blood Born. Also Kyle’s favorite movie is The Gift, he thinks everyone should see it. Another activity that Kyle does in his down time is drawing. He loves to draw people he sees during the day.

Kyle was very fun to talk to and I wish him the best with his future at CSULB.



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