Week 7- Artist Conversation-Andrea L. Williams

Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams
Exhibition: Sacrifice
Media: Ceramics, Cement and Clay
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: Mrsdubbayoo
Instagram: Andreawilliammms

This week in Art110 I had a conversation with a wonderfully talented artist named Andrea L. Williams. She is an undergraduate student at CSULB but will be graduating from CSULB this semester. Andrea studies art with a specialization in ceramics. Andrea has lived in California her entire life. Her family raised her in Riverside during her adolescent life and then she moved in Long Beach to go to college here. Andrea is not only a student but also a mother. She is a very caring person and loves people and animals. She owns her own pigs, dogs and chickens. Andrea has a strong belief in Christianity and she incorporates that belief into her artwork.

The exhibition that the Art110 students got to see of Andrea’s was called Sacrifice. She did all her art pieces with ceramics, raw clay and cement. Her artwork is mainly done in the colors of red, white and grey. When looking at her artwork you can see a very rough texture to it without even touching it. The shapes throughout her different art pieces stay consistent. Each of her art pieces looks like it is designed into the shape of a large tombstone. While looking at her art pieces you can definitely see the amount of work that she puts into each piece to bring across her message.

When you ask Andrea what the purpose behind her pieces are she says that it displays her exploration through religion. Andrea is Christian and loves her faith and she uses that to create her art pieces. She dives into her beliefs and brings out all her feelings around it. Andrea makes these pieces with her hands so she is really apart of her artwork throughout the whole process. She sees a lot of her life displayed through her art and through her process of creating these pieces she has been able to find/understand herself even more.

Even though I am not religious at all I found Andrea’s art pieces to be very beautiful and touching. They really have the ability to emotionally touch you when you view them. In a lot of her art pieces there is a character that looks like the Mother Marry. These depictions are done in red on a clay/concrete formed structure. This structure (like i said before) seems to resemble a tombstone. When viewing these pieces it gave me a very looming feeling. Like Mother Mary is looking over you. This was a very strong feeling and I am very impressed with Andrea’s ability to evoke this response in her viewers.

Overall Andrea’s artwork was beautiful and really had the ability to make you feel something. I wish her all the best in her future and hope to see her art again.



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