This week in Art110 we went on Photo Walks for our Thursday class. We met up with the Art110 class and then had to choose what Photo Walk we wanted to go on. I was a tour guide for this activity so I took a group of the Art110 students on a walk through all the different water structures we have on campus. The water walk went on for about an hour and we walked to three different structures on campus.

The first structure we walked to was the fountain outside of the Theater department. Pictures of this structure are the first three pictures located at the top of this post. Sadly this water structure is not actually filled with water. So I just had the group look at what went into creating a water fountain. This was interesting and I think a good start to the tour. We got to see the design that would usually be hidden by water. This structure is called ” Claire Falkenstein, U.S.A. – “U” As A Set- International Sculpture Symposium 1965″. Within the structure there is an art piece that looks like a lot of branches twisted together. This is in the middle of water structure and is a light green color. I am not sure if I have ever seen this structure actually filled with water but I can imagine it looks beautiful when it is.

The second structure that we walked to was the fountain in front of Broatman Hall. Luckily this fountain is actually filled with water. In the middle of this structure are three balls that are created with water coming out of spikes. The pictures of this are the next two photos located after the theater structure pictures. I really enjoy this fountain because of the peaceful sound the water makes while it gets cycled through the spikes. It also is a very prominent structure at CSULB. I have even heard that Seniors at CSULB will run into this fountain after they graduate. This is probably not allowed but it is interesting to hear that seniors have actually done this.

The last water structure that we went to on campus was located in the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden. This garden is definitely my favorite place on campus. It is so beautifully designed and the way that they incorporate the stream of water throughout the garden is breathtaking. The photos for this structure are the last photos located at the top of this page. The Japanese garden has a lot of different elements added into their water structure. My favorite is the designed waterfalls that are incorporated. It is also really cool to see that they have real fish in the stream. It adds so much to the beauty and life of the Japanese Garden.

Water can be controlled into so many beautiful designs. I think it is one of my favorite natural element to view. Especially when people play with different ideas on how to display it to the public.

This was a very fun activity and I really enjoyed taking students to these three different structures during class time.



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