Week 5-Conversation- Margarita Reyna

Thursday in art class I had a lovely conversation with Margarita Reyna. Margarita is a 19 year old sophomore at Cal State Long Beach. She has been enjoying her time at Cal State Long Beach so far and is excited for the rest of her years at this college.

Right now she is studying pre-criminal justice. She wants to graduate with the criminal justice major and use this degree to specialize in canine units. Meaning she would work alongside animals in the field to fight crime. The reason she wants to do this is because she loves animals and has always been excited by putting herself in the “danger zone”. Also she would just love to help out her community any way that she could. Margarita would be the first person in her family to fight crime.

Margarita is from south LA. She has lived there her entire life with her father, mother, older brother, and older sister. She loves her family and is very happy that she is so close to them still. In comparison to south LA, Margarita likes long beach more because the people are nicer.

In her spare time Margarita likes to play soccer and volleyball. In high school she use to be in the volleyball team but did not continue to organized sports in college.

Margarita is a very sweet girl and I wish her all the best in the rest of her time at CSULB. 🙂


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