Week 3- Conversation- Shannon McGuinness

For my week 3 conversation I decided to interview Shannon McGuinness. Shannon’s family lives in Long Beach, only 20 minutes away from the school. They have lived their her entire life, so she is an official Cali girl. Even though her parents live so close she still decided to dorm for her freshman year. Shannon still sees her family a lot because she will go home whenever she has the time.

Shannon is a second semester freshman at CSULB and is studying business. She is not sure what she wants to do yet as an overall career but has been really enjoying exploring her options in the business major at CSULB. She has been enjoying taking college level classes and finds them much more interesting then her high school classes. The only thing she misses from high school are her friends but luckily she gets to see a few of them often since they still live in Long Beach. One of Shannon’s best friends even goes to Cal State Long Beach.

Shannon works at a archery club and helps people learn how to shoot. She enjoys this job immensely. She loves interacting with the costumers and helping them develop their love for archery. Shannon got the job through her best friend’s dad who owns the business.

Shannon is a very sweet girl and I wish her all the best with her future studies at Cal State Long Beach.

Shannon McGuinness’s wordpress website: https://art110shanmc.wordpress.com/


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