Week 3-Activity- Snapchat

This week in Art110 we had the activity of drawing on Snapchat. I used snapchat occasionally but whenever I do I don’t use the drawing function so this was a new experience for me.

I took these photos during class time on Thursday and decided that I wanted to color nature. So I took a picture of a tree and added colorful branches going up it and then I took a picture of the sky and added colorful birds,clouds, and the sun. It was fun to do this activity and made me want to use the drawing feature more often on snapchat.

There are so many mediums for us to use now-a-days when creating art. Snapchat art runs along the lines of instant art. Usually done quickly and is a very in the moment medium. Usually this means that the drawing is not thought out and very spontaneous. Because of this aspect of it many people would not define this as a serious art. It would be interesting to see in the future if snapchat drawing could turn into a appreciate art medium.

The two other snapchats that I looked at from fellow students were from Aaron Dela Rosa and Devon Carus (their snapchats are pictured below). Aaron drew lava on top of the grass area at CSULB and I thought that was pretty cool. Devon drew a stick figure around his guitar so that it looked like the stick figure was playing the guitar. Both these drawings were fun to look at and made me smile. It is interesting to see what others can do with the snapchat drawing feature and what they come up with to add to the photos they take.




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