Week2- Art Experience-Plaster Casting

For Week 2 of Art110 we got assigned to go plaster casting. I went to Seal beach with another one of the Art110 students, Shannon. We went on Friday to the beach and brought all our plaster supplies with us that we purchased at Home Depot. We mixed the powder plaster with water in a big bucket and stirred it until it turned into a pancake like mixture. Then we both dug holes in the sand and placed our chosen appendage into the hole, I chose my foot. After putting my foot into the hole I placed wet sand around to make a formed imprint. After completing this I pulled my foot out so I could fill it with the wet plaster. When the hole was filled with plaster we let it sit for 45 minutes. During this time we sat on the beach, talked and enjoyed the view. Then after the 45 minutes were up we dug up our plaster castings and took a picture. πŸ™‚

The process of doing this was very messy but that made it fun. Also having the beach as the necessary place to complete this projects was awesome. It made the whole experience really enjoyable. In the end my plaster casting of my foot turned out to be not completely in the same shape as my real foot because the sand moved when I took my foot out of the hole. Although, I do believe my plaster casting turned out pretty cool.

If I was to repeat this process I would definitely have to be more careful when creating the shape of my mold. I would do this by taking my foot out more carefully and then making sure the sand was in the same place after removing it. Also the plaster got hard in the bucket pretty quickly so that made me feel like we should have mixed the substance together closer to when we knew we had to pour it.

Overall this process was fun and the location made it delightful. πŸ™‚



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