This week in Art110 we went on Photo Walks for our Thursday class. We met up with the Art110 class and then had to choose what Photo Walk we wanted to go on. I was a tour guide for this activity so I took a group of the Art110 students on a walk through all the different water structures we have on campus. The water walk went on for about an hour and we walked to three different structures on campus.

The first structure we walked to was the fountain outside of the Theater department. Pictures of this structure are the first three pictures located at the top of this post. Sadly this water structure is not actually filled with water. So I just had the group look at what went into creating a water fountain. This was interesting and I think a good start to the tour. We got to see the design that would usually be hidden by water. This structure is called ” Claire Falkenstein, U.S.A. – “U” As A Set- International Sculpture Symposium 1965″. Within the structure there is an art piece that looks like a lot of branches twisted together. This is in the middle of water structure and is a light green color. I am not sure if I have ever seen this structure actually filled with water but I can imagine it looks beautiful when it is.

The second structure that we walked to was the fountain in front of Broatman Hall. Luckily this fountain is actually filled with water. In the middle of this structure are three balls that are created with water coming out of spikes. The pictures of this are the next two photos located after the theater structure pictures. I really enjoy this fountain because of the peaceful sound the water makes while it gets cycled through the spikes. It also is a very prominent structure at CSULB. I have even heard that Seniors at CSULB will run into this fountain after they graduate. This is probably not allowed but it is interesting to hear that seniors have actually done this.

The last water structure that we went to on campus was located in the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden. This garden is definitely my favorite place on campus. It is so beautifully designed and the way that they incorporate the stream of water throughout the garden is breathtaking. The photos for this structure are the last photos located at the top of this page. The Japanese garden has a lot of different elements added into their water structure. My favorite is the designed waterfalls that are incorporated. It is also really cool to see that they have real fish in the stream. It adds so much to the beauty and life of the Japanese Garden.

Water can be controlled into so many beautiful designs. I think it is one of my favorite natural element to view. Especially when people play with different ideas on how to display it to the public.

This was a very fun activity and I really enjoyed taking students to these three different structures during class time.



Wk 5- Artist Conversation- Andre Ritter

Artist: Andre Ritter

Exhibition: Fuse: Join to Form A Single Entity

Media: Various metals

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website or Instagram: none

Andre Ritter is a graduate from Cal State Long Beach. He just recently graduated from the Metals Program at CSULB last spring. He mainly works with various types of metals when creating his art. The reason for why Andre’s other interests include; reading comics, playing volleyball and watching good TV shows like the Walking Dead. An interesting fact about Andre is that he lived in Hawaii for seven years. Some of his inspiration for his art comes from that experience.

Although his art pieces do not seem to have a joined idea behind them they still are beautiful pieces of art. The two photos I have provided above are examples of his pieces. One is a chandelier and the other is a holder with colorful feathers. Both were created with metal. Andre works with aluminum a lot because it is one of the easier metals to work with. When Andre does his work he focuses on being able to make details with the metal. You can see this in both the pieces above. Especially in the chandelier, the viewer can see that in each of the panels there are intricate metal designs. A lot of his work is in the color brown and has a rustic quality to them. Andre uses a lot of sharp lines in his work.

The lantern is my favorite of Ritter’s piece. The piece was inspired by his time in Hawaii. It has a very jungle like feels. It has a lot of sharp edges and embodies the rustic design I was talking about earlier. The artist said he wanted the piece to fit into the setting of being in the jungle at night, I think it does this perfectly. The light given from within the lantern shines through the design perfectly to give it this night aura.

After viewing Ritter’s artwork it made me want to travel and go to Hawaii. His inspiration from there definitely shows through his art. There is a very large sense of exotic travel that is shown in his art. I hope to see more of Ritter’s artwork in the future. He is a very talented artists and I enjoyed viewing his work.


Week 5-Conversation- Margarita Reyna

Thursday in art class I had a lovely conversation with Margarita Reyna. Margarita is a 19 year old sophomore at Cal State Long Beach. She has been enjoying her time at Cal State Long Beach so far and is excited for the rest of her years at this college.

Right now she is studying pre-criminal justice. She wants to graduate with the criminal justice major and use this degree to specialize in canine units. Meaning she would work alongside animals in the field to fight crime. The reason she wants to do this is because she loves animals and has always been excited by putting herself in the “danger zone”. Also she would just love to help out her community any way that she could. Margarita would be the first person in her family to fight crime.

Margarita is from south LA. She has lived there her entire life with her father, mother, older brother, and older sister. She loves her family and is very happy that she is so close to them still. In comparison to south LA, Margarita likes long beach more because the people are nicer.

In her spare time Margarita likes to play soccer and volleyball. In high school she use to be in the volleyball team but did not continue to organized sports in college.

Margarita is a very sweet girl and I wish her all the best in the rest of her time at CSULB. 🙂

Week 3- Conversation- Shannon McGuinness

For my week 3 conversation I decided to interview Shannon McGuinness. Shannon’s family lives in Long Beach, only 20 minutes away from the school. They have lived their her entire life, so she is an official Cali girl. Even though her parents live so close she still decided to dorm for her freshman year. Shannon still sees her family a lot because she will go home whenever she has the time.

Shannon is a second semester freshman at CSULB and is studying business. She is not sure what she wants to do yet as an overall career but has been really enjoying exploring her options in the business major at CSULB. She has been enjoying taking college level classes and finds them much more interesting then her high school classes. The only thing she misses from high school are her friends but luckily she gets to see a few of them often since they still live in Long Beach. One of Shannon’s best friends even goes to Cal State Long Beach.

Shannon works at a archery club and helps people learn how to shoot. She enjoys this job immensely. She loves interacting with the costumers and helping them develop their love for archery. Shannon got the job through her best friend’s dad who owns the business.

Shannon is a very sweet girl and I wish her all the best with her future studies at Cal State Long Beach.

Shannon McGuinness’s wordpress website: https://art110shanmc.wordpress.com/

Week 3-Activity- Snapchat

This week in Art110 we had the activity of drawing on Snapchat. I used snapchat occasionally but whenever I do I don’t use the drawing function so this was a new experience for me.

I took these photos during class time on Thursday and decided that I wanted to color nature. So I took a picture of a tree and added colorful branches going up it and then I took a picture of the sky and added colorful birds,clouds, and the sun. It was fun to do this activity and made me want to use the drawing feature more often on snapchat.

There are so many mediums for us to use now-a-days when creating art. Snapchat art runs along the lines of instant art. Usually done quickly and is a very in the moment medium. Usually this means that the drawing is not thought out and very spontaneous. Because of this aspect of it many people would not define this as a serious art. It would be interesting to see in the future if snapchat drawing could turn into a appreciate art medium.

The two other snapchats that I looked at from fellow students were from Aaron Dela Rosa and Devon Carus (their snapchats are pictured below). Aaron drew lava on top of the grass area at CSULB and I thought that was pretty cool. Devon drew a stick figure around his guitar so that it looked like the stick figure was playing the guitar. Both these drawings were fun to look at and made me smile. It is interesting to see what others can do with the snapchat drawing feature and what they come up with to add to the photos they take.



Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – Josh Vasquez

Artist: Josh Vasquez

Exhibition: Vida/Morte

Media: Paint

Gallery: Gatov Gallery West, CSULB  

Instagram: @Joshybehr

Website: http://www.joshvasquez.com/

This week in Art110 we went and looked at the CSULB galleries for the first time. The artist I decided to interview was Josh Vasquez. Josh is a undergraduate student at Cal State Long Beach. He originates from Los Angeles and has been interested in art his entire life. He recently got serious about his art 2 years ago. This exhibition that he put on at the CSULB galleries is done in the media of paint and is a commentary on life and death. Through each of his pieces you can see that he focuses a lot on drawing skulls and flowers, both representing two different parts of the spectrum on life and death. When asked what his favorite piece of his collection was he said the human skull (pictured above^).

When analyzing Josh’s art you can see that he uses the colors white and black a lot through each of his art pieces. Also his art pieces seem to have a very organic flow to them. A lot of circular shapes are used time and again. The background pieces he uses to perform his art on are usually white in color and then he adds the color black onto them. Some of his pieces feel organic but give off a staccato feeling because of the color contrast between the black and the white.

The idea of life and death that Josh is trying to portray through his artwork definitely comes through. If you mediate on his depictions of the flowers and skulls in his artwork it bring your mind to contemplating life and death. The skull art piece in particular gives me an eerie feeling of death. The skull seems to be surrounded by an upside down tulip flower, as if death is being encapsulated by life just wanting to burst out.

Overall my experience when viewing these art pieces was one of intrigue. It did really get me to think about what the meaning is behind life and death. Although, after viewing one piece for awhile I felt unsettled because the paintings were done in a very bleak way (black and white). In my opinion, Josh’s usage of the colors black and white made it so the viewer’s thoughts on life and death were more negative than positive. But maybe that was the artist’s intent. I enjoyed viewing Josh’s artwork and hope to see more of his work in the future. 🙂

Week2- Art Experience-Plaster Casting

For Week 2 of Art110 we got assigned to go plaster casting. I went to Seal beach with another one of the Art110 students, Shannon. We went on Friday to the beach and brought all our plaster supplies with us that we purchased at Home Depot. We mixed the powder plaster with water in a big bucket and stirred it until it turned into a pancake like mixture. Then we both dug holes in the sand and placed our chosen appendage into the hole, I chose my foot. After putting my foot into the hole I placed wet sand around to make a formed imprint. After completing this I pulled my foot out so I could fill it with the wet plaster. When the hole was filled with plaster we let it sit for 45 minutes. During this time we sat on the beach, talked and enjoyed the view. Then after the 45 minutes were up we dug up our plaster castings and took a picture. 🙂

The process of doing this was very messy but that made it fun. Also having the beach as the necessary place to complete this projects was awesome. It made the whole experience really enjoyable. In the end my plaster casting of my foot turned out to be not completely in the same shape as my real foot because the sand moved when I took my foot out of the hole. Although, I do believe my plaster casting turned out pretty cool.

If I was to repeat this process I would definitely have to be more careful when creating the shape of my mold. I would do this by taking my foot out more carefully and then making sure the sand was in the same place after removing it. Also the plaster got hard in the bucket pretty quickly so that made me feel like we should have mixed the substance together closer to when we knew we had to pour it.

Overall this process was fun and the location made it delightful. 🙂