Week1- Art Experience-Landscape With a Corpse

A Little Too Much Wine

tumblr_m1pw7zLpya1r3j332o1_1280 (1)

For this weeks Art 110 art experience we were told to imagine our own death and take a photograph of it. Now this is a gruesome and sad topic to focus upon so I didn’t so much think of this realistically but rather in an artistic manner.

The photo above is a picture of me with a wine bottle in my hand next to a toilet. I wanted to exemplify how young people resort to drugs and alcohol when they are younger to push away their feelings of insecurity and fear of what is ahead. Depicted in this picture is the worst outcome of resorting to that method of copping, death.  I think during your teenage and young adult years we all need to be conscious of our decisions in regards to alcohol and drugs. Remember that it is important to not use those substances as a crutch because in the long run it can really harm you.

Executing this photo was very fun because I got to choose an outfit, props, location and design my body with makeup. I have a very deep love for photography and all the elements that go into it. I hope with this class I will get to develop this love even more.



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